Tyk-Jyn Rayana

This character's name means essentially "Bearer of the Moldable Light". Her powers are along the lines of Green Lantern, and as the real-life Char'lett Paracene, she's also a past master of the arts of espionage. These days as the real-life Duchess of Bryony (a dukedom of Taritanya, the Prycene homeland) she mostly lives as a sort of analog to Princess Diana, to the extent that she gives her time and fortune to charitable causes. But as war with the Cartel has loomed, she's kept her abilities honed and ready for the inevitable conflict.

Char'lett is an immensely practical sort with a strong concern for the greater public good. She has a talent for cutting through the fluff and for showing leadership in crisis situations. Yet her demeanor is always placid, and it is impossible to ruffle her. Stoic silence is her usual response to crisis situations, from the outside; inside, her mind is turning over all the possibilities for a solution, at the same time as she moves to resolve them. With those she cares about, she is exceptionally giving of time and attention, and very willing to reach accord.

Tyk Jyn-Rayana will make her first appearance in Shrike Team #7, Domestic Affairs.

Vital statistics:

  • Age: 98 revolutions. The normal lifespan for her race is 650 revolutions, so by our accounting, she'd be about 28.
  • Interests: Martial arts, work on behalf of the public good, and the "light-molding" technology, which was developed for her by her Tilkrig science advisors. The family has a large number of Tilkrig retainers, going back to the age when the Prycene Emperor struck an accord with the Tilkrig.
  • Family: Char'lett's mother and father are the Senior Duke and Duchess of Bryony and are involved in the daily administration of the Prycene kingdom. The family is known for some members having unusually-shaped ears (for Prycenes) which are thought to be a throwback to a time when the races were still interfertile, and an ancestor married a female from an Elapine family as part of a treaty of peace signed between the two races. This actually gives the family more prestige in Prycene eyes, since both are warrior races and it is assumed that some of the talents from the Elapine side carried over. Char'lett is an only child at present.
  • Personality Profile: ENTP

    So what's next? Sorry, no points for guessing that she and Brom Shriker are going to be an item. I mean, Prycene male, Prycene female...give me a break! But here's a glimpse at a future role they'll have in a series titled Forces of Darkness: The Breaking of the Gates, when the evil K'rek'skran will finally have put together the technology to let themselves out of their prison. How will they fight this? Here's a hint...Char'lett's wielding a dimensional tuner...Brom's got a rift inducer...and if you listen carefully, you might hear someone singin'....Who you gonna call...