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The current plans for this site are:

1) Completing the Cartel stories (up through Range Patrol and Shrike Team #12) -- what we call the Origins Cycle and the Claw of Vengeance Cycle.

2) Once the above is complete, there will be a mini-series entitled Crucible of Time. If you've read the stories by now, and/or picked up some hints, you know that a couple of our heroes will be doing some time-travelling. Well, here's a teaser or two: The Cartel meta-narrative won't have all its loose ends and mysteries tied up until Crucible of Time is finished. And this mini-series will feature, among other things, the origins of Eidolon and the emergence of the K'rek'skran into Hearthstone.

3) After that -- there's a broad plan for at least five more meta-narratives....

I've also started an idea for "mini-stories" which will always be subscriber-only. Some ideas:

As of now, all Range Patrol stories (except one critical scene) are open for all to read, and all Shrike Team stories (except #1) are subscriber-access only. I previously had an "early bird" special for those who subbed in the past year or so, and those terms remain in effect for those who subscribed in that time. But now I'll cut to the chase: How much is this gonna cost me if I wanna subscribe now, you old skinflint?!?

There are two options I'll explain below:

1) Yearly subscription.

2) Lifetime access.

What do you get with these? You get acess to these awesome tales, but also more. You'll also get:

1) Up to three custom forum avatars for them each calendar year, or up to three custom wallpapers a year. I will also make some each year that you can have without asking.

2) If I get enough subscribers -- I can spend more time on this, and we'll have all sorts of neat features, such as:

Now isn't that something else? So, here's the details:

So, Then, What Do You Say?