Introducing Felicity Hornacek...a botanist by trade and a bit of a rebel by necessity. Though she lives in a dyadic society, as a Drovine, a scientist, and a female she will very often find herself an "outgroup" member to whatever "ingroup" is around her -- on at least one of those three counts if not all three. Felicity has developed two compensations for this. The first is a subtle rebellious streak against established authority (which we'll see expressed from the time of the very first Shrike Team story), and the second is a special friendship with the obscure Chet'lyn race (also to be seen in the first story), to whom she is strongly devoted. Felicity otherwise is a gracious and serious-minded sort who gets along easily with others, provided they don't violate her sense of decorum and propriety. However, she is also very much a pursuer and lover of knowledge, and has a reputation as a "workaholic" who has often fallen asleep at her desk while pursuing the answer to some obscure scientific question.

Felicity will not acquire her Sonica powers until the second Shrike Team story, and when she does, there will be rather a powerful twist to it...when she does get them, they'll be on the order of the usual expectations you get from super-speed heroes and heroines like the Flash.

  • Personality Profile: ESTJ

    Vital statistics:

  • Age: 160 revolutions. The normal lifespan for her race is 650 revolutions, so by our accounting, she'd be about 35.
  • Interests: Science (especially botany) and the Chet'lyn species.
  • Family: Felicity has several brothers and sisters living mostly in the Drovine enclaves in the Confederacy. She is the youngest of the family; her mother is still alive but her father is not. However, because she is something of a rebel her family has cut off relations with her.
  • Personality Profile: ESTJ

    As for what's to come: Though she will become a hero to many before then in other ways, Sonica's greatest challenge lies a series we have titled Forces of Nature: Planet in Rebellion. At that time, Felicity's powers will be one of only a few that stand between Hearthstone and its ruination...

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