"Intersection of Destinies, Part 1": The Inside Track....

The meeting of these two convergent storylines has been in the works for a while now, predicted by various signals both subtle (such as the "baubles" we did the first few stories...that seems so long ago!) and not so subtle (such as the microlith at the end of ST #3). If you haven't been following both storylines...you'll be lost by now. Good time to go back and read the one you're missing!

One might say that this meeting was 20 years in the making....given that the Shrike Team characters go back that far in my history!

The core scenes of Part One of Intersection of Destinies were Brom and Sheila's first meeting (I went over the idea of Brom's head banging on the bonnet so many times he's probably sore at me, too), the Eidolon-Sheila flashback, the garage scene (the first part...not the interrogation!), the "Charlock bewildered" scene, the Eidolon/Beamer meeting, and the final recognition scenes with Eidolon and Annabelle. Strange as it may seem, the bulk of this tale was put together very much "in progress". Such elements as the high density 'rang and the scrapyard adventure weren't in the original outline. (Nor were "Sanslorian Snacks"....heheeee....)

If you think you saw an allusion to the Gospel of John on page 13....you did. Eidolon's greeting to Bimf mirrors that of Christ's greeting to Nathaneal in John 1:47. This scene helped me figure out some ideas as far as how Eidolon interacted with others over the ages, and the fruits of that are found in his history as well as in the later scene in which he meets Brett.

Metzger T'ran (page 15) will be making a future appearance in Shrike Team....count on it. I'm not sure excatly what number story, but it will likely be between 9-11.

I expect I've twisted a few expectations with the Brom-Sheila relationship (page 19 on). "Waitaminit....isn't Brom supposed to have a thing with that Prycene princess?" Yep. And you'll find out what the deal is with that in ST #7.

As for that premonition (page 24)...that too will be resolved later, by the end of the Cartel cycle of stories. Close reading, as usual, is rewarded here. Other clues to remember: That Cartel prophecy (page 35), Beamer's prophecy (page 37 -- though that one won't be long in being fulfilled, at least in part) as well as Eidolon's prior knowledge of the function of the 'rangs; the allusion to D'rthex as a true threat (page 53), and of course....the meeting with Annabelle...check the discussion thread above for some reader speculations. Some is on target...some is not.

The Quarqari people (page 30) are not a major race of Hearthstone, but one of them will be a member of the Claw of Vengeance team that will pop up in the cycle of stories. No points for guessing who it was Eidolon liked to share that brew with....

A reader made this joke that's worth reprinting here:

44392 Deluxe Verocirator' spare engine - 1200 credits

Forklift service fee - 500 credits

The look on B'mer's and Greezer's faces when Brom lifts the boxes - Priceless

Last, and something special....our next new feature will be a mini-story about how Eidolon defeated Cartel forces to rescue three Sanslorian villages (page 40). This will be the first of what we hope will be several such mini-stories, but they will be accessible to subscribers only! We'll get an inside look at how Eidolon lives when he's not busy on missions, and also get to see him tackle some early editions of those Cartel mechas we've been seeing all through the series.