"Seeds of Rebellion": The Inside Track....

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Let's start with the two "baubles" in the Range Patrol #2 story that allude back to Shrike Team #1....

Look for more baubles alluding back to Range Patrol #2 in this story....

With this story the past once again comes to the fore. "Seeds of Rebellion" didn't have any major narrative puzzles for me to work out, because the whole of this storyline goes back to the second incarnation of the Hearthstone stories I did about 15 years ago. There were some changes, of course -- adding Eidolon into the Von Lucre showdown was the main one; to accommodate him there, a major change was made by having Felicity endangered by the pulverizer beam (p. 1). The original storyline had a large vat of acid as the danger (which I contrived to be a sort of acid that ate through rock and metal, but not flesh, unknown to Von Lucre -- I expect that's TOO unrealistic, though). The basic premises of Von Lucre's possession and death, as well as S'nay's death, (pp. 6-7) remained unchanged; so likewise Tyra's dual identity as an intelligence agent (p. 13 -- though the aspect of the Cartel as the bad guys IS new) and her recruitment of Brom into service.

A slight change was also made in that rather than finding a seed (p. 16), Felicity originally synthesized "sugar crystals" from the plant's remains; but the theme of fear from an attack and possession thereafter is also the same as the prior incarnation of the stories.

Brom's interlude with Melinda (p. 15 on) is the only thing taken out of place from the prior incarnation. In that version I had an entire subplot set up in which Brom had a hostile run-in with Hearthstone's version of Larry Flynt, and it was one of his "performing girls" that Brom helped get into a serious education. Melinda will be back again for a rather important scene in the Claw of Vengeance series.

The whole "racial" thing is new to the Hearthstone narratives as well.

Razbuton's (p. 1) is the name of a real fernery in my area. I doubt if they'll ever know I honored them so.

In a later story (Shrike Team #4) we'll learn a bit more about Eidolon's mental powers (p. 3), but it's as well to explain a bit here. The mind and the brain are such complex things that it is doubtful that Eidolon could affect everyone the same way. The natural question of why he doesn't just put Von Lucre to sleep as well (!) may be answered generally by saying that the more active and intelligent a mind is, the less suspectible it would be to Eidolon's power. A Tilkrig, being in the top tier of intelligence among Hearthstone natives, is certainly the least susceptible; a rather stupid Allethene, like Hangnail, well...

If you're expecting a romance between Brom and Felicity...don't hold your breath. The prophecy Eidolon makes (p. 10) is a serious guide. You'll also find out why Felicity finds Eidolon vaguely familiar in Shrike Team #3 -- and you can read that poem in Brom Shriker's profile, since it seems he can't remember it.

More will be learned about the Sanslorian training camps, sponsored by the Prycenes (p. 12), in Range Patrol #4.

Does Brom's quote from the oracles (p. 18) sound familiar? Try Paul's letter to the Galatians, Chapter 3, verse 28....it's their version.

The Recommended Next Read is Range Patrol #3 -- now go and see how that triple cliffhanger works out!