Sheila Rangslinger

The Range Patrol is led by Sheila Rangslinger. Sheila was my first experimental character in my return to cartooning, and was loosely based on a combination of "Crocodile Dundee" and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, with my own original elements added.

Sheila's family has been the guardian of the range in the wild parts of Nullabor for many years. Her job is as an officer with the Nullaborian Range Patrol -- sort of a combination police officer and park ranger. Her main job is to patrol a specific area centered on a major trade route between the east and west coast of Nullabor. Sheila continues the tradition in a light-hearted yet serious way with unmatched skill in the use of boomerangs. I've granted her one oddity -- a tendency to recite doggerel poetry while slinging 'rangs; and she's not even conscious of doing it. Which makes it all the worse for everyone else....

Other than those bad bouts of poetry, though, Sheila would be said to embody the very definition of the word "sweetheart". She has a continual concern for the welfare of others and nearly always has something good to say or an encouraging word to offer. Her sweet nature has led to many a prospective beau coming knocking over the years, but she's planning to be very particular about who she settles down with, if she does at all.

Vital statistics:

  • Age: 45 revolutions (Hearthstone's "years") -- though the normal lifespan for her race is 600 revolutions, so by our accounting, she'd be about 20.
  • Interests: Photography, cartography, botany.
  • Family: Unfortunately, Sheila's mom and dad died when she was just a baby, while they were on an espionage mission against the Cartel. She was raised by an aunt, but the aunt lives on the coast and so Sheila is solitary in her job right now -- other than the other members of her team, Beamer and Bimf, who have become like a second family (in which she is sometimes in the role of a mother, sometimes a sister, sometimes a daughter -- the latter where Bimf is concerned). Sheila nevertheless feels a deep connection to the mother and father she never knew, and works to preserve their memories.
  • Personality Profile: ESFJ

    And what can we expect from Sheila in the future? As her old friend Eidolon likes to put it, she has a destiny to fulfill...and what that will be is best put by Eidolon in one of his own prophecies...

    She of Infinite Heart,
    The key to your future lies in the past
    only now, in the consummation of the ages,
    shall the circle close upon you.
    Sheila Rangslinger Art

    After Annabelle, Sheila's my fave character to draw, partly because if it weren't for her, there'd be no Hearthstone. Her beauty inspired me to pick up the pens in earnest again -- thanks, Sheila!

    Some new battle armor.

    Rangslinger. Sheila Rangslinger.

    "This is what it means...the key to my future lies in the past..."

    A future vision of Sheila doing...what? You'll see in about five years, I think.

    Concept piece for a time when Sheila will temporarily get Snowdrop's powers for a special mission.

    The stars mock me by their sameness... -- find out what's up with this at the end of the Cartel cycle. But you'll have to be a subscriber!

    Another sweet getup.

    Concept piece of Sheila as a teenager. Look for this in a flashback scene in RP #6.

    Green-eyed sisters! These two will have an enduring friendship.

    Concept piece for a "Range Patrol XL" team with Sheila as an "elder auntie" figure leading the children of her original team. If I do this, it will be subscriber-only.