Phylloshrike is the heroic name of Brom Shriker -- a Prycene who was an athlete in Hearthstone's equivalent to the Olympics. Brom finds himself continually torn between two conflicting desires -- on the one hand, he wishes to help people in need, and finds himself constantly and almost unthinkingly volunteering his services for any problem he can help solve; his strong adherence to the moral principles of the Covenant of M'kai make him even more dedicated to helping others. On the other hand, he very much wishes to be left out of the spotlight and live quietly and unobtrusively, not accruing more honor than he has already and also not having to deal with more problems than is necessary. During his athletic career -- which he pursued for a love of sport, not for fame or fortune -- he found out just how hard it was to reconcile these two desires, and as of the opening of the Shrike Team series, he has secreted himself into a more rural environment far from home as a way to escape attention. As might be expected, his acquisition of the powers of Phylloshrike will create yet more tension between these two desires.

A unique aspect of Brom's personality is how he reacts in crisis. Panic is not his style; instead, he resorts to a dry and fearless humor, an almost transcendant and carefree attitude, as though to say, "Well, since I've got a problem I may as well enjoy solving it." He is a patent conservative in expression otherwise, paying no attention to changing styles or demands -- what he likes and what works best for him is what stays....especially if it helps him deflect attention.

Acquiring the powers of Phylloshrike, Brom becomes a plant-animal hybrid with plenty of strength to spare. This hybridization gives him unusually rapid healing abilities, and some more abilities he'll discover as the stories progress, including being able to manipulate plant life to do his bidding (think how Aquaman does it with the ocean critters) and producing vines from his fingertips (great for doing Tarzan stuff, and tangling up bad guys). He'll also pick up a bit of "white magic" from Eidolon and has in his background the superior compulsory military training of the Prycenes.

Vital statistics:

  • Age: 105 revolutions. The normal lifespan for his race is 650 revolutions, so by our accounting, he'd be about 29.
  • Interests: Athletic contests, charitable work, leaving well enough alone and keeping out of the way of the spotlight. When he was an athlete, Brom participated in a number of social welfare causes, including the training of the Sanslorian refugees who escaped persecution by the Cartel.
  • Family: Brom has a younger sister, Pepper, in the Prycene home country of Taritanya. Their parents died of a local plague during their children's adult years.
  • Personality Profile: ISTP

    What's ahead for Brom Shriker? A great deal....Eidolon has a prophecy for him, as well, and it gives us hints that things will get really complicated for our Prycene hero...

    Warrior who spans the two kingdoms
    You will deliver the captives from their bondage
    You will train the armies of the heavens
    And through ensuring the destruction of our world
    Ensure also its salvation.
    Phylloshrike Art

    I've been drawing Brom Shriker in some form for the past 20 years. I wish I had some of the old stuff, but it's all in some landfill somewhere....sigh.

    Blood brother and sister. This concept piece is for a dangerous trip into Cartel territory. They'll remain with that siblingesque relationship for the duration.

    Yep, this power will come in handy...

    Brom's little sis (biological) Pepper. She's his reverse image in some ways; where he's quiet and reserved, she can be rowdy and boisterous. She loves big bro lots and also loves to give him a hard time. She'll first appear -- as a baby in a flashback -- in ST #4, and as an adult in ST #7.

    She'll also help Brom with his pre-wedding jitters. Or maybe try to make them more pronounced.