This scurrying fellow is the most mysterious and paradoxical (as well as disturbing) member of the Hearthstone universe. He is a Sk'lan (a member of the Catrel race) but he was a signator of the Covenant of M'kai, and since the Sk'lan mercilessly persecute all religious groups, he was arrested and subjected to horrific experiments. One of these had to do with a developing chronic warfare (time travel) program, in which he picked up the ability to know all possible outcomes in the immediate future.

What makes Molinist so disturbing is that his abilities make him essentially insane, so he scurries about like an automaton, doing "the best possible thing" to make the future turn out in the best way, and not communicating in any truly direct way with his fellow team members. He has (mindlessly!) constructed an automatic voicebox that "communicates" after a fashion with others, though it speaks in strange ways, such as referring to Molinist as "this body" and holding conversations with others as Molinist himself rolls on his back on the ground or just perches in some odd place or other. His actions are entirely unpredictable even to his own team members, but they are always for the sake of the greatest possible good.

Molinist is limited, however, by the fact that he can only make his judgements for himself and persons and events within a limited radius. He'll show up some time late in the Shrike Team series, probably in Shrike Team #8, Rescue Insurgency.

Vital statistics:

  • Age: Unknown. However, he appears to be about 330 revolutions. The normal lifespan for his race is 600 revolutions, so by our accounting, he'd be about 45.
  • Interests: Well, um....that's hard to say.
  • Family: Unknown.
  • Personality Profile: Not applicable.

    Molinist can't see more than his immediate future, but we can. He'll have a vital role to play in the Forces of Nature: Planet in Rebellion series, as....uh...a (cough) meteorologist. About time someone got those forecasts right, huh?