Snowdrop and Brimstone

Snowdrop and Brimstone (Annabelle and Brett Ketterling) are the most "autobiographical" of my creations. Like my own spouse and I, they are a married couple that have discovered a deep passion for each other that derives from not just their similarities, but their differences. They complement and improve each other, so it ends up being quite appropriate that they acquire powers of heat and cold that complement each other as well.

Because their homeland is inhabited by dyadic persons, their marriage was arranged by their families. In such a society, concord and peace is the foremost goal of a marriage (beyond any benefit to the families). But Brett and Annabelle managed to achieve a rarity in their society: The discovery of a true and deep love for each other that surpassed simple concord. This is not entirely unknown in dyadic societies...but it's more of a "chance" occurrence than something that is pursued. If time permits, we may work up a Range Patrol "flashback" story out of their original meeting and the growth of their relationship.

The Ketterlings will put you in mind, perhaps, of Gomez and Morticia Addams. Annabelle is often quite flirtatious with Brett (though never at inappropriate times) and Brett's not shy about doing or saying something that he knows will make Annabelle laugh or get flirtatious. On the other hand, when there is some serious matter at hand, they are apt at combining their polar-opposite tempraments to arrive at a solution to a problem. Annabelle has a quick temper (though not a long-lasting one) and can flit from one emotional stage to another in mere seconds; Brett on the other hand is almost never emotional and tends to take his time (sometimes too much time) analyzing situations. It can rightly be said that Annabelle is the "heart" of the team while Brett is the "head". But make no mistake: Both are exceptionally intelligent, even if they express it in different ways.

How it is that they became Snowdrop and Brimstone, and came from far away to join the Range Patrol, is recounted in Range Patrol #1: Cold Reception.

Vital statistics:

  • Age: Brett is 54 revolutions and Annabelle 50. The normal lifespan for their race is 600 revolutions, so by our accounting, they'd be about 20.
  • Interests: Aside from each other! By trade Brett is a scientist with a specialty in biology and interactive technology. Annabelle has worked as a secretary for her father's company, which isn't as petty as it sounds: Her father owns a HUGE technological corporation that makes, among other things, the Met-Pan metamorphic outfits she and Brett wear; and she would have been in line to run the company herself at some future date. They are also both experts (on the amateur level) at lightsword fencing.
  • Personality Profiles: Brett is INTJ; Annabelle is ISFP.
  • Family: Well, what happens with that is part of the first story...but in the future...well, that's another story, too....
    Ketterlings Art

    A lot of the "extra" art I draw involves the Ketterlings because Annabelle is modelled on my beloved wife. Whenever I'm in the mood to draw something pretty, it's Annabelle who gets the subject nod. And is it any wonder?

    Here's a pic I did up for our anniversary, seeing as how we're still on the honeymoon.

    Let's break something, then fix it!

    The Ketterlings are "us" this way....

    This is my FIRST concept piece for Snowdrop/Annabelle. At the time I pictured her as a very bitter, angry sort who was badly hurt because her powers of cold made her unable to touch others. I hadn't conceived of Brimstone/Brett yet as a complement, nor of her as an analog to my wife.

    Like Mrs. H, though, Annabelle is someone you do NOT want to mess with.

    And here's an alternate "Snowdrop" uniform.

    Told ya I liked drawing her, didn't I?

    This one's a future view of Annabelle when she's a little older.