Elmo on steroids? You could say that. Bimf is the muscle of the Range Patrol. His people, the Sanslorian, were victims of the Cartel's ruthlessness, and Bimf (with help from Beamer, as we will see in Range Patrol #4, "A Sanslorian's Tale") helped lead the last few hundred of his people to safety in Eastern lands. The Prycenes trained the Sanslorian in the art of war and set up a system in which the Sanslorian refugees were "loaned out" to various police organizations elsewhere on Hearthstone to help combat Cartel influences. Bimf ended up assigned to Nullabor's Range Patrol, and over the approximately eight revolutions he has been with her team has come to regard Sheila as an adopted daughter. (A joke goes around that no one goes on a date with Sheila unless Bimf's actually true.)

Like all Sanslorian, Bimf has what would be considered unusual biochemistry. He is capable of eating metal (and in fact, needs it to survive) or even rocks and minerals, and also doesn't need to sleep. This makes him a valuable asset to the Range Patrol as he can constantly be on guard.

Vital statistics:

  • Age: Uncertain, though at least 210 revolutions. The normal lifespan for his race is 700 revolutions, so by our accounting, he'd be about 35.
  • Interests: Defeating the Cartel. When he takes time off, he likes to play board games on the porch with Beamer or else just sit and watch the world go by.
  • Family: Bimf's wife and infant son were killed before his eyes by Cartel thugs. He also had an older daughter (see below) that had been given away in marriage to someone in a faraway village, but has no idea whether she survived Cartel purges (but good news....she did -- and we'll meet her sometime later).
  • Personality Profile: INFJ
    Bimf Art

    All we have here are some pics of Bimf's fellow villagers. The second is the village elder S'Jayce. The first is Leiara, "She Who Speaks" for her village. They'll both appear in RP #4, and Leiara will appear in ST #3 as well as in the future Claw of Vengeance series.