Beamer is the technophile of the Range Patrol. As a former (and unwilling) member of the Cartel he now equips Sheila with a variety of technologically-enhanced boomerangs as well as numerous other gadgets and vehicles he builds and maintains. He is a Tilkrig, a member of Hearthstone's smallest ground-dwelling race. Because he is so small, he'll often climb around on stuff and even other characters like a spider monkey, which is typical of his people as a whole.

While with the Cartel, Beamer was under the patronage of a Sk'lan master named G'nai who treated him with unusual deference (for a Sk'lan). This was merely a practical matter, as Beamer had been recognized as one of a handful of promising Tilkrig who would be able to advance the Cartel's goals, and so was not subjected to some of the usual punishments and arbitrary persecutions that Sk'lan impose on their subjects (though he was compelled to walk on all fours as the Sk'lan usually did, a habit he has not fully broken or tried to break). Beamer was permitted unusual freedom of access to critical Cartel intelligence and after defecting was able to share this information with his host government(s). We'll find out about the details of Beamer's defection in Range Patrol #4, A Sanslorian's Tale, and Range Patrol #5, Across the Elapine Line, will offer a few more details about his life under the Cartel.

Like most Tilkrig, Beamer has a great deal of integrated technology. His eye scope has a wide variety of functions, including discernment of heat and x-ray capability. His aural implants enable him to be more discerning of sounds than normal, and his wrist computer (which he can switch from left to right arm as he finds it convenient) includes a heads-up display and functions similar to a Star Trek tricorder, also with the ability to hack into other systems. His implants, it will be noticed, are somewhat out of date, and he prefers to tinker with them and make his own improvements rather than purchase new ones. He has established a lasting friendship with Bimf and will spend time with him playing board games or just talking.

Vital statistics:

  • Age: 75 revolutions -- the normal lifespan for his race is 800 revolutions, so by our accounting, he'd be about 25.
  • Interests: Mechanical engineering, research and development of weapons and vehicles.
  • Family: None known. Because Beamer was raised in Cartel lands, he was separated from his family at an early age and never knew them well.
  • Personality Profile: ENTP

    And what does the future hold for Beamer? Things look very bright for him -- upgraded technological implants, and a new bride named Jelica (pictured below) who is a very special person....but he DOES have another romantic interest he'll have to get over first...and we'll find out about that in the fifth Rangslinger tale...

    Beamer Art

    Concept piece for Darthex, the "anti-Beamer". He will be named in RP #3 and first appear sometime at the end of the Claw of Venegeane cycle.

    Afternoon nap -- she's figured out a way to keep him from snoring, anyway.

    A match made in the heavens, so to speak.