Hearthstone Almanac

If you're one of those people who have a deep interest in the minutiae of fantasy storylines...if you read things like "Nitpicker's Guide to Star Trek"....if you are always interested in knowing the difference between a troll's house and a dwarf's...you're in the right place.

The Almanac is the place where you come to get the inside story on what the world of Hearthstone is like. You can read some of this first and get a feel for what's happening. Or you can check here as a reference station when something seems a little odd. Either way, we think you'll find the world of Hearthstone to be a wonderful place to visit, and we hope this "tour guide" makes your journey even more enjoyable.

A geographic introduction to the world of Hearthstone.

The history of Hearthstone...by someone who was there for nearly all of it.
Meet the different and unique races of Hearthstone.
Miscellaneous stuff not large enough to warrant a whole section.